last news and photos from italy

As the bigger part of the Topcat sailors have left the PuntAla Camping Resort with their cat-trailers going north passing the alpes and going home again, I am still here, cleaning up my Bungalow, rigging down my K3 and...yes still uploading photos.

I don't know when I will get the rest of the photos online, as I have to travel home for the next days. But be shure they will get to the web, including the ones from the prize awards.
I will also try to put the missing videos online as soon as possible.

Topcat Worlds 2009 - Races 3 - 5 (08.09.2009)
Topcat Worlds 2009 - Races 6 & 7 (09.09.2009)
Topcat Worlds 2009 - Beach Party (09.09.2009)
Topcat Worlds 2009 - Race 8 (10.09.2009)

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