Good morning everbody!
Well what's up? Actually I haven't been to beach this morning. It's way to early. So I have no idea how the wind will be like today.
We had 2 races yesterday. The first one started with rather strong wind from the northerly direction as it used to be the days before. The second one was already very loud at the start of the K2, with two piles of boats on either side of the starting  line, leading to a couple of protests. The K2 race was then shortened after the second downwind leg, because the wind started dying. Doing the right thing at the gate and at the starting/finishing vessel was not really easy. The beach saw long discussions about the proper way to get through the finish and about the question were the finishing line actually had been.
The evening started with Beach Party at Bar Mare. Has anyone ever tried to make a bbq for more than 200 people who all want to eat at the same time? Well, I haven't, so there will be no complains.
The Sunnyboys from Italy were the band that then played for us, with song from the 60's, 70's following the legendary sounds of the Beach Boys, The Bee Gees and so on. They even played a song from the Sex Pistols. So, these guys were absolutly great and I'm sure that everyone enjoyed the evening.

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