Up into the third day

After 2 days of rather strong winds we will see what the wednesday will bring to us. At least everbody got a lot of sun out there on the water.
The sailing is pretty challenging. Maybe I hadn't expected that in this way. The sailors "hospital" is filling up with cuts and various bruises, sore backs and taped people everywhere. Unfortunately we even saw a broken arm.
We also produced a pretty pile of GFK-trash. I have heard about the plan of some Italians to get 3 new hulls to Punta Ala tonight to bring 2 boots back into race. This hopefully works out okay.
Since the internet around here is on the edge of unusable during daytimes, because everybody tries to use it, it is not easy for us to keep you all updated in the way you have been used to. We apologize for that.
Greets to everbody,

3 Reaktionen zu “Up into the third day”

  1. Steffal

    Dear Topcat sailors,

    as results show, races seem to be really tough…
    We wish everybody staying safe and sound and worlds getting more amusing and relaxed!
    Special compliments for team number 3849 – attack again!

    Fair winds and following seas,

  2. Ingo

    Danke Dirk fuer das update. Und allen Versehrten “gute Besserung”! Schade, dass ihr zu all dem Schlamassel mit Verletzungen, Bruch und zu viel Wind auch noch technische Probleme habt. Ich komm’ mir vor wie ein Junkie auf dem Trockenen und check alle paar Stunden ob’s schon ein paar News und Bilder gibt…

  3. Matti

    Allen die in Punta sind wünsche ich alles gute und nicht mehr soviel Wind und Bruch. Zur Not habe ich aber mein Schiff (k3 788)zu verkaufen :-) )))
    lg Matti