Movie Moving, movie diving, movie sailing...!

Ehi, ever seen your topcat from the water or...under water? Take a look at this video from the official movie shooter of the event, Marco Tarantino. By tomorrow evening a new set of pictures coming. Keep on checking this blog!

5 Reaktionen zu “Movie Moving, movie diving, movie sailing...!”

  1. Ingo

    …and where’s the video???

  2. Carsten

    should be working out now. without preview in the blog. i don’t get it fixed right now.

  3. Ingo

    yes, now it works. cheers for the vid, practice race i guess?

  4. Carsten

    actually the fallen mast from uta was today. so i think thats from the past days.

  5. Eberhard

    fine video , hope we’ll see some more !
    congratulations to Harald and his daughter for this outstanding performance in highwind !